Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club

Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club

Thanks for visiting the Eastern Cascades  Model  Railroad Club.  The ECMRRC was formed to pursue and enjoy the hobby of model railroading in two scales. We like to think it has two of the best model railroads in Central Oregon and we hope you will agree and come visit our club in Bend.

The Eastern Cascades Railroad is our indoor layout. The ECRR is HO scale with presently about 1900’ feet of track and have successfully converted to DCC operation. 

The Central Oregon Area Live Steamers (COALS), has built a 1½ inch scale railroad, now with over one mile of track on 20 acres with more being added yearly. As well as new buildings and scenery details. 

Both the HO and the 1½" railroads are in a permanent state of development. The HO layout is continuously experiencing refinement as track revisions and new scenery are added to improve the railroad's operations and realism. Outside, an additional 1000 feet of track was added in 2008 for a new northeast loop that was ready for the 2009 Open House. Presently we just purchased another 2000 feet of track to add a reversing loop across the middle of the property. 

Rolling stock of the railroads is owned by both the Club and individual members. Some of the engines on the 1½" are electric, gas, and some are live steam! They can be transported to other layouts of this scale and run on those tracks as visitors. Members of other clubs may also bring their equipment here to run on the COALS track.

We have a modest tool shop inside and out making a great well-equipped family hideaway for the dedicated hobbyist.

If you would like to visit the Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club, please call or email us. 


NO 2020 Open House

Open House has been cancelled this year due to COVID. Watch our Facebook page for more information about next years events. 


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