Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club

The open house is about having fun and putting on a good show for the public. Therefore all trains to be run at the open house must pass the following tech inspections so that everything will run as smoothly as possible. Inspections are to be carried out by a certified club member.
  1. Engine and car wheels must be correctly gauged. Metal wheel sets for rolling stock are highly recommended and may be required at some point in the future. Members need to make sure that all motive power and rolling stock wheels are clean before they are brought out to the club, as they will be inspected prior to being put on the layout.
  2. Engine and car couplers must be at the correct height including the trip pins. Couplers must operate freely side-to-side and automatically center (self-centering is not required where couplers will not be pulling, such as front couplers on steam engines and rear couplers on cabooses). Kadee couplers are also highly recommended, as they do not have many of the problems associated with the other types of knuckle couplers.
  3. All cars must be within a half-ounce, either heavy or light, of the listed NMRA weight standards, which are listed at the bottom of the page.
  4. All cars must roll freely on the test track grade. Cars that are too long for the test track will be tested on the Mountain Line between Altamont and SK.
  5. All trains to run at the open house must be at the club at least one month prior to the open house for inspection and to make a minimum of two practice sessions to test and correct any problems that may come up. Every club member is more than welcome and encouraged to bring their trains out early for testing.
  6. Each train will be signed up for its own storage track according to its length. A long train that has to be stored on two storage tracks will count as two trains. Train sign-up will work on a lottery system based on a round-robin venue. Once storage capacity is full, sign up will end so be sure to sign up your favorite train first. This is to ensure that club members have a fair and equal chance to bring out their favorite train and have fun.


30’ 3.1oz 55’ 4.8oz 80’ 6.5oz

35’ 3.4oz 60’ 5.2oz 85’ 6.9oz

40’ 3.8oz 65’ 5.5oz 90’ 7.2oz

45’ 4.1oz 70’ 5.8oz 95’ 7.6oz

50’ 4.5oz 75’ 6.2oz 100’ 8.0oz
November 15, 2006