Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club

HO Photo Gallery

  • Beaver Falls Junction

    Beaver Falls Junction
    A tuff town to work!

  • Red ball!

    Red ball!
    Waiting for the East Yard local.

  • Quarry quiet time

    Quarry quiet time
    Rocks from rock.

  • East Yard

    East Yard
    A busy place to be.

  • Business is good

    Business is good
    Finished lumber is ready to go.

  • Sunday morning at Indian Ladder

    Sunday morning at Indian Ladder
    Church is almost out.

  • High-ballin'

    Making up for lost time.

  • Refinery bound

    Refinery bound
    Oil cans move by Superior Paper Company on the way to the depot.

  • Mill work

    Mill work
    Where's that log roller?

  • Morning prep

    Morning prep
    First up is quenching the thirst.

  • Engine house

    Engine house
    Lined up for the day's work.

  • HO Track Plan

    HO Track Plan
    The 30x50 Layout.

  • At the station

    At the station
    Santa Fe 3751.

  • Candlelighters June08

    Candlelighters June08
    The main yard is having a busy day.

  • Candlelighters June08

    Candlelighters June08
    Station stop coming up.

  • Open House Oct09

    Open House Oct09

  • Beaver Falls

    Beaver Falls
    Heavy traffic.

  • Elmyra

    Local freight departing.

  • Bear Mountain Lumber Company

    Bear Mountain Lumber Company
    Produces finished lumber and a lot of chips.

  • Rock City

    Rock City
    Coal drag snakes thru on the way to Skaneatilies.

  • Camp 1

    Camp 1
    Pushing in emptys on the log line.

  • Engine facilities

    Engine facilities
    Diesel fueling underway.

  • Charlestown Yard

    Charlestown Yard
    Georgetown overlooks the main yard.

  • Beaver Falls Station

    Beaver Falls Station
    Southbound on the North Main

  • Butler Oil

    Butler Oil
    The storeage facility is very busy these days.

  • Open House Oct08

    Open House Oct08
    Bob & Austin show visitors how it works.

  • Roundhouse at Charlestown

    Roundhouse at Charlestown
    Busiest place in town

  • Skaneateles

    Bear Mountain looms in distance

  • Rock City

    Rock City
    Georgetown coming up

  • Indian Ladder

    Indian Ladder
    Heading out of town