Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club
Photo Gallery
  • Snow - running

    Snow - running
    Warm jackets preferred.

  • Snow day 3

    Snow day 3
    Time for fun.

  • A quiet ride in the forest

    A quiet ride in the forest
    Nice shade.

  • Winter ops

    Winter ops
    SD-45 is prepping for a tough trip.

  • Guest train

    Guest train
    A visitor brings in his own train set.

  • NP 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone is ready to go

    NP 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone is ready to go
    NP5002 & Dave Workman visited Train Mountain for some great running.

  • COALS FA-2

    COALS FA-2
    Michael has the duty.

  • NP 2-8-8-4 prep time

    NP 2-8-8-4 prep time
    Getting the Yellowstone ready for its first run at Train Mountain.

  • Chloe & Allison

    Chloe & Allison
    The kids get to take a break now and then.

  • Cassie

    Take a guess. Is Cassie having a good time?

  • Hard at it

    Hard at it
    CJ at work.

  • Approaching the station

    Approaching the station
    Conrad & SD-45 with another load of passengers.

  • Walking the yard

    Walking the yard
    An old-timer helps Ashton make up a train.

  • Playday

    CJ having fun.

  • Play day 1

    Play day 1
    Local commuters.

  • All aboard, kids!

    All aboard, kids!
    Big Alco FA-2 departing.

  • Stream crossing

    Stream crossing
    Tom is working the SD-45 hard.

  • Busy day

    Busy day
    A 4-4-2 Atlantic meets a 2-6-0 Mogul at the wye.

  • Bridge crossing

    Bridge crossing
    Hang on to the dog!

  • Service

    Topping off after a tuff day.

  • Whistling off

    Whistling off
    Its time to roll.

  • Family style

    Family style
    With Brian & family, everyone participates.

  • Candlelighters June08

    Candlelighters June08
    Engineers in training.

  • Aerial view

    Aerial view
    The yard area from above.

  • Candlelighters June08

    Candlelighters June08
    Alex riding shotgun with Brian.

  • Candlelighters June08

    Candlelighters June08
    Full load for Max.

  • The 2-6-0 Mogul made it

    The 2-6-0 Mogul made it
    But where are the passengers?

  • Candlelighters June08

    Candlelighters June08
    Everyone takes a break during the Candlelighters' 2nd annual ECMRRC outing.

  • A family setting

    A family setting
    Allison, Chloe and Cassie compare notes.