Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club
  • The owl knows

    The owl knows
    Brian and the giant pumpkin.

  • Amanda doesn't miss a thing

    Amanda doesn't miss a thing
    Amanda helps keep tabs on the kids.

  • 4-4-2 work train

    4-4-2 work train
    Maintenance of the main is top priority.

  • A typical run

    A typical run
    Tom & Santa Fe Dash-9.

  • Sounds good

    Sounds good
    Brian & 2-6-0 Mogul.

  • Fire's out

    Fire's out
    Dave's 4-4-2 Atlantic runs well on the COALS RR.

  • Mint condition

    Mint condition
    Crummie on the trestle.

  • Hi-Ball!

    Congestion at the station.

  • Dash-9 is moving

    Dash-9 is moving
    Aleta hi-ballin'.

  • Heads up

    Heads up
    Felicia says, "Safety first."

  • Heading home

    Heading home
    Aleta & Santa Fe Dash-9.

  • Shirl's ready

    Shirl's ready
    Getting ready to load passengers.

  • COALS FA-2

    COALS FA-2
    Charlie & the COALS FA-2.

  • Downhill

    Mystery driver, Conrad supervising.