Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club

Steamers Photo Gallery - 2007 Open House

  • Are we ready?

    Are we ready?
    Early morning at the ready tracks.

  • Mogul inspection.

    Mogul inspection.
    Jacox & Benjamin check it out.

  • Yard is busy.

    Yard is busy.
    The crew keeps the turn-arounds short.

  • Riding shotgun.

    Riding shotgun.
    Tom has the duty this trip to maintain the discipline.

  • The smiles tell all.

    The smiles tell all.
    The kids are especially pleased at these events.

  • Local companies are prominent.

    Local companies are prominent.
    The billboard cars are well viewed.

  • Shirl & Heath at midday.

    Shirl & Heath at midday.
    It's going OK so far.

  • SD-45 & Conrad.

    SD-45 & Conrad.
    Conrad takes a break to drive now and then from keeping the equipment rolling.

  • Hi-ballin' by the ghosts.

    Hi-ballin' by the ghosts.
    It's halloween-time and we're movin'!

  • Aleta and Dash-9.

    Aleta and Dash-9.
    This loco does very well on the hill.

  • 2-6-0 Mogul.

    2-6-0 Mogul.
    Brian has steaming down to a science.

  • The COALS FA did well for the weekend.

    The COALS FA did well for the weekend.
    Tom has some satisfied passengers.