Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club
                                              RULES OF EQUIPMENT


  1. A safety check will be performed on all equipment annually--both club owned and privately owned.
  2. All steam engines must annually meet Train Mountain specifications (presently each steam engine must pass hydro-tests at 1½ times its safety valve relief pressure and have two sources of feed water). Certifications meeting or exceeding these qualifications from other clubs will be accepted for as long as they are valid. If the engine has not been certified, we will have a pump and fittings available for the owner to prove to a qualified COALS member that his/her equipment will meet the required safety tests.
  3. Solid Fuel locomotives must have a spark arrester and ash pan.
  4. Every train shall have a charged and ready to use fire extinguisher on it.
  5. Each train will have an approved way of braking and stopping (approved by the Senior COALS members on an individual basis).
  6. If you bring your own equipment for a private running, you are responsible for supplying your own gas and oil. However, if you bring your own equipment to help out COALS on a public run day, COALS will supply gas and oil for your engine.
  7. Each car and engine must have either drawbars or a combination of couplers with safety chains, which will allow the entire train to be connected together to prevent runaway cars on our slopes.
  8. Damage to equipment, track, bridges or facilities due to negligence will result in the engineer of the responsible train personally assuming all financial responsibility to repair everything that was damaged.
  9. THERE WILL BE NO FREE COASTING OF ANY CARS AT ANY TIME! All train equipment must be in control at all times.
  10. Privately owned locomotives and rolling stock are NOT club stock. In order to use someone’s personal equipment, the engineer MUST have the permission of the owner. No food or drinks will be allowed on any “borrowed” equipment without the owner’s permission.


ALL rules listed above along with the following additional rules apply to COALS equipment:
  1. The engineer MUST be certified on the specific equipment he/she wishes to use.
  2. Engine oil and all fluids are to be checked before running the equipment.
  3. Fuel is to be topped off after using the locomotive.
  4. Any damage to equipment, tracks, or facilities must be reported as soon as possible to COALS officers.
  5. Operator must log in and out in the equipment logbook at the time of usage. These records are important for maintenance of the equipment.